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Moissanite loose gemstones provides a wide range of loose Stones shapes including heart, cushion, octagon, marquise, square, oval, pear, radiant, round, trillion.The hardness rating of a moissanite is just beneath that of a diamond at 9.25. The hardness of a diamond is 10. The luster and brilliance of moissanite occasionally exceeds that of a diamond. Moissanite show more light than diamonds, creating a superior sparkle, because moissanite has a 2.65 to 2.69 Refractive Index (RI), making Moissanite much more brilliant than diamonds. All of them can pass diamond tester. Below list is small sizes of round white moissanite loose stone as for your reference.

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Equivalent Diamond Weight:

Carat is the traditional measuring unit of a diamond's weight (1 carat = 200 milligrams). A carat is divided into 100 "points," so the same diamond can be represented as weighing a carat and a half, 150 points or 1.50 carats. Moissanite stones are about 18 - 20% lighter than diamonds. Therefore, while a 6.5mm round diamond weighs 1.0 carat, a 6.5mm moissanite weighs 0.83 - 0.85 carat. However, the two stones would be the same actual size: 6.5mm in diameter. So equivalent diamond weight is not actual moissanite weight.

Sizes(mm): 0.80mm 0.90mm 1.00mm 1.10mm 1.20mm 1.25mm 1.30mm 1.50mm 1.75mm 2.00mm 2.50mm 3.00mm 3.50mm 4.00mm 5.0mm 6.0mm 6.50mm 7.00mm 7.50mm 8.0mm 9.0mm 10.00mm 12.00mm

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