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Cubic Zirconia Stone Oval Cut Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale from China Supplier

Oval cut gemstone can be as bright and elegance as a round brilliant cut gemstones.The Oval cut is a extremely beautiful cut and oval gems have great sparkle and fire.Oval cut CZ has become a very popular centerpiece for rings.The Oval cut has an elliptical shape when viewed from the top. The deeply fascinating Oval cut gemstone is actually a relatively recent invention; it was designed by a jeweler at Lazare Kaplan Inc. in 1957. Its smooth angles allow for its brilliance to be nearly just as bright and perfect as a round gemstone, but with a larger surface area. Furthermore, the Oval design in jewelry creates a gentle elongating effect for which elliptical gemstones are treasured.

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Oval CZ Sizes:

3×5mm 4×6mm 5×7mm 6×8mm 7×9mm 8×10mm 9×11mm 10×12mm

Quality: AAA

MOQ: 100 pcs each

Oval cut is one of our cutting for cubic zirconia,oval cut can show brilliance and fire spark to your eyes.There are 11 styles of oval cut, you can choose different cut models.

1. Normal Oval Cut 2.Checkerboard Face Natural Bottom Oval Cut 3.Checkerboard Oval Cut 4.Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Oval Cut 5.Flat Bottom Oval Cut 6.Double Oval Cut 7.Checkerboard Face Flat Bottom Oval Cut 8.Double Checkerboard Oval Cut 9.Double Cabochon Oval Cut 10.Single Cabochon Oval Cut 11. Natural Bottom Oval Cut

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