Fancy Cut

Fancy Cuts Cubic Zirconia Custom Cut Gemstones CZ Stone Wholesale from China Manufacturer

We not only make normal cut for cubic zirconia stones,but also can offer all kinds of fancy cut for your gemstones. For example:Bullet Cut,Shuttle Cut,Arch Cut,Cross Cut,Shield Cut,Mango Cut,Bell Cut,Chinese Yuanbao Cut, Axe, Oval Fancy Cut,Bow knot Cut,Bell Arch, Cashew Cut,Arch Bridge Cut,Star Cut, Snowflake Cut,Double Cone, Chinese Cabbage,half-moon cut,polygon cut,hexagon cut,pentagon cut,kite,leaf,butterfly cut,left and right cut,tapper cut,checkerboard cut,cabochon cut etc.

gemstones cubic zirconia fancy cut

fancy cuts

We as cubic zirconia synthetic gemstones manufacturer can make any special shapes and cuts. we can make it as your request once let us know your draft and design pictures.

Are you looking for fancy cut customized cut CZ Stones? Please feel free to contact us today !