Triangle Cut

Triangle cut is a triangular type of gemstone cut. It has three straight edges, the cut displays a very sharp brilliance if the gemstone is cut to the correct depth allowing good sparkle. The length to width ratio is 1:1, it's one of popular cuts for gemstones. Triangle cut has three sharp points , we usually make triangle cubic zirconia in various colors, there are many pieces stones are in stock and dispatch within 24hours. Like round cubic zirconia, we have 18 colors triangle cut CZ stones to choice. If you are looking for wholesale price cubic zirconia stones, you are right here, please contact us to get free quote.

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Triangle cut size:

3×3mm 4×4mm 5×5mm 6×6mm 7×7mm 8×8mm 9×9mm 10×10mm

MOQ: 100pcs

Quality: AAA