Oval Moissanite

Oval White Moissanite Gemstones Wholesale D-E-F Diamond Substitute Loose Flawless Moissanite for Vintage Rings from China Manufacturer

Moissanite loose gemstones provides a wide range of loose Stones shapes including heart, cushion, octagon, marquise, square, oval, pear, radiant, round, trillion.The hardness rating of a moissanite is just beneath that of a diamond at 9.25. The hardness of a diamond is 10. The luster and brilliance of moissanite occasionally exceeds that of a diamond. Moissanite show more light than diamonds, creating a superior sparkle, because moissanite has a 2.65 to 2.69 Refractive Index (RI), making Moissanite much more brilliant than diamonds. Moissanite has a property known as double refraction. When a ray of light passes through the gemstone it is slowed, bent and split in two. Double refraction play very important role for sparkle and brilliance. How to see double refraction for moissanite? Moissanite is cut so that this direction of single refraction is though the table. This means that the doubling is not apparent when the stone is viewed though the table (top of the stone). Moissanite must be viewed at 10x magnification (jewelers loupe) through any other crown facet to see the doubling. All of them can pass diamond tester. Below is oval cut white moissanite loose stone as for your reference. Looking for a diamond substitute for your engagement ring? White Moissanite is your best choice!

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oval moissanite stones

oval white moissanite

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oval synthetic moissanite

Material: Moissanite

Color: White, Green, Yellow, Pink

Shape: Oval

Size(mm): 3x5 4x6 5x7 6x8 7x9 8x10

Clarity: VVS

***Carats are the traditional measuring unit of a gemstone’s weight. Moissanite weighs approximately 10% less than a diamond of the same diameter. When describing our moissanite gems, we use a Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) to give customers a comparative estimate of gemstone size.