Blue Moissanite

Moissanite comes from Universe Diamond come from Earth Will became The king of Diamond. In 1893, a French Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Moissan found these sparkling pieces of silicon carbide in Canyon Diablo. In 1905, to honor Dr. Henri Moissan, the newly found gem was named Moissanite. However, owing to its origination from meteorite, natural moissanite gems haven't been found on the earth.

Appraised by the GRA authorities, Mosang Diamond has the optical and physical properties of South African diamonds, which are more than 2.5 times more natural and synthetic. Five hundred years ago, a meteorite fall from the universe shook the irreplaceable position of diamond, known as the most expensive gem in the jewelry industry.

Known abroad as the most shining gem in the world; so Moissanite diamonds, like natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds, will never change color and fade, always dazzling. Moissanite Diamond is popular among fashion independent women in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other markets, and become their favorite jewelry.

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round cut blue moissanite

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blue moissanite stones

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radiant cut blue moissanite

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crushed ice cut pear blue moissanite

Round Size(mm): 6.0       6.50     7.0       8.0     9.0      10.0

Oval size(mm): 5x7     6x8    7x9     8x10     

Pear size(mm):   5x7     6x8    7x9     8x10  

Cushion size(mm): 5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     10x10

Moissanite weighs about 10% less than a diamond of the same diameter, therefore, moissanite of the same carat weight of a diamond is larger. Stones are described in millimeters and in diamond equivalent weight. Here is a Moissanite Size Chart !

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