Heart Cut

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Heart cut shaped gemstone is brilliant cuts with curved lobes that stem from a centered cleft.The lobes slope down to form a sharp point.And the ratio of length to width for Hearts Cut is 1:1.It's very popular and fanciful cut for gemstone(cubic zirconia) and can be used for jewelry,such as earrings and pendants.We can offer you good quality heart cut cubic zirconia with good after-sales service. Heart shape gems is a special romantic gift, many of heart gemstones set to main stone of necklaces. Gentle and romantic, the endearing Heart cut is also one of the most scintillating jewel designs. Its rounded pavilion gives it the heightened refraction of a Round gemstone for breathtaking brilliance, while the pointed bottom and gracefully curved arches at the top complete the shape with perfect symmetry and sparkle.

There are 11 styles of Heart Cuts to cubic zirconia loose CZ stones:

1.Standard Heart Cut 2. Natural Bottom Heart Cut 3. Double Checkerboard Heart Cut 4. Flat Bottom Heart Cut 5.Double Heart Cut 6.Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Heart Cut 7. Double Sharp Culet Heart Cut 8.Fancy Heart Cut 9.Double Cabochon Heat Cut 10.Checkerboard Face Flat Bottom Heart Cut 11.Checkerboard Face Heart Cut

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 Heart Cut Champagne Cubic Zirconia Loose

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AAAAA Heart Cut Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia Wholesale

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AAAAA Heart Cut Garnet Cubic Zirconia Wholesale Price

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AAAAA Quality Heart Cut Aquamarine Cubic Zirconia Stones

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There are many cubic zirconia colors for heart cut cubic zirconia loose cz stones, included white, pink, garnet, black, champagne, yellow, amethyst, apply green, smoke, emerald green and coffee brown etc.

Below is regular sizes of heart shape loose cubic zirconia gemstones:

3×3mm 4×4mm 5×5mm 6×6mm 7×7mm 8×8mm 9×9mm 10×10mm

Quality: AAA

MOQ: 200 pcs each