Large Replica Diamonds

We love all diamonds, we love mineral diamonds, we love lab-grown diamonds … and we love lab-created diamond simulants. Depending on which jewellery you choose, we offer the possibility of various stones. We love lab grown diamonds, because they stand for innovation, sustainability, for the embracing changes in our society, and the use of new technologies. We love lab created diamond simulants  for their plus: the attractive and affordable prices. Just as lab-grown diamonds, they are conflict-free; their carbon footprint is minimal, there is no displacement of land or local communities, neither wildlife when produced, there is no or little pollution associated with it. And, above all, the price tag is right.

A diamond is beautiful when it is large, when it conveys a sense of fulfilment and happiness in one’s purchase. We find it is somehow a little sad to see small stones on a woman’s finger. How many women have sacrificed colour and clarity of a diamond in order to have one more millimetre diameter of stone and have ended up with a diamond that looks yellow? How many women have taken the opposite route and have sacrificed carat size to purity of colour but ended up with a ridiculously tiny stone? That is why we have embraced lab-created diamond simulants jewellery to enable you to have an easy access into the world of high jewellery.

Everyone deserves high jewellery without having to pay a fortune! There are many large carat weight of diamonds in the world, such as D-color Diamond Series, Yellow Diamond Series, Blue Diamond Series and Pink Diamond Series. They are very famous and world's expensive diamonds, for example Cullinan Diamonds, Blue Hope Diamond, Jubilee Diamond, Koh-I-Noor Diamond, Great Mogul Diamond, Orlov Diamond and etc. If we use lab-grown diamond to recreate all of them, it will take extremely cost to make, and no body are willing to pay expensive for large replica diamonds. To easy to get a beautiful appearance and spark " replica diamonds", it's best choice is diamond simulants---Cubic Zirconia, it's very affordable and have similar appearance to real diamonds, just cost a few hundreds dollars to buy from us. These beautiful luxury diamond creations will really be eye-poppers. Big replica diamonds are used for collection, education and souvenir, we can learn the evolution of diamond cuts in history, we know where diamonds are found and how the diamonds are cuts, and who owns the real diamonds and where are they, personal collection or museum collection or companies collection. 

You know some world's famous diamonds were found from India, for example Koh-I-Noor Diamond, Orloff Diamond, Hope Diamond, Idol's eye Diamond. If you want to know more about the famous diamond, please search in website.

Cullinan Diamond Replicas