Fantasy Cut

Fantasy Cut is a irregular and special cutting which different from standard cuts like brilliant cut, concave cut and modern cut. Fantasy faceted using a special grooving technique carved on the pavilion. This proprietary technique gives the impression of greater overall brightness and also gives great performance. This is one of our favorite and most popular cuts and one we do in many gemstone types such as cubic zirconia, synthetic spinel, lab ruby and blue sapphire. If you are interested this new fantasy cuts, please feel free to contact us .

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Flower Fancy Cut gemstones amethyst cubic zirconia

Flower Fancy Cut Amethyst CZ

Octagon Flower Fancy Cut gemstones aquamarine cubic zirconia

Octagon Flower Fancy Cut CZ

Flower Fancy Cut gemstones green cubic zirconia

Flower Fancy Cut Gemstones Green CZ