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Lab grown opal is also known as created opal, lab-made opal or lab-created opal or synthetic opal. Opal was called to "Queen of Gems" in ancient Roman, becuase it's colors effect and beautiful mix colors display. There will be various of magical brilliance and gorgeous color, with attractive color changes. What is synthetic opal? Polymer Impregnated synthetic opal is impregnated in laboratory in year and has similar properties as that of natural opal. Synthetic opal has preserved the unique charm of natural opal and it is more durable and contains less internal inclusion than natural opal. Opals occur in many colors and are lower in cost than other gemstones. They range in color from transparent to opaque, white, red, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue,black and brown. Not only do synthetic opals have a huge variety of colors, but they have more benefits over the original counterparts. Synthetic opals are stronger and more durable, and are designed to minimize waste. Lab opals have temperature resistance up to 800 degrees Celsius.  Now synthetic opal is very hot sale for jewelry design, there is no any other synthetic gems can have attractive colors display. Opal is available in many different shapes and sizes. Custom shape is welcomed. We also make the smallest opals for tooth gem applications.

synthetic opal beads China Factory Price
white synthetic opal beads Japan
white synthetic opal beads China Manufacturer
white synthetic opal beads
ball beads synthetic opal

Ball Beads

hand shape synthetic opal wholesale

Hand Shape 

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moon lab created opal


Ganja Marijuana Leaf Synthetic Opal

Ganja Marijuana Leaf

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Palm Tree

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Star Fish

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cross synthetic opal

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pinapple synthetic opal

star synthetic opal supplier

star synthetic opal

Synthetic opal can cut to many regular shapes and fancy shapes, regular shapes of opal included cabochon, bead, drop, pear, heart,marquise and more. Fancy shapes of opal included hansa, cross, butterfly, moon, star, elephant,clover flower, star fish, new jesery, girl, boy, tube, cube, evil eye and more.Any custom shapes are acceptable.  

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heart shape synthetic opal bracelets China supplier
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synthetic opal beads bracelet
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Customized opal loose stones are accepted!

Minimum order quantity: 100pcs

Drilled hole: 1.0-1.2mm

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