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CZ Beads/Ball Cut can add sparkle and class to your jewelry settings.It's very popular and beautiful gems for DIY jewelry, handcrafted jewelry and education.  There are a range of colors to choose included pink, crystal white, peridot, orange, champagne, amethyst, garnet, yellow, ruby red, violet.  Sizes range from  4.0mm to 10mm.  Drilled or none-drilled beads are available.  What we supply beads are AAA quality at wholesale prices for our customers around the world, a small quantity of trial order is acceptable. The parcels are shipped by FedEx, DHL, UPS express for fast delivery. If you are looking for bulk order of CZ beads, please feel free to contact us.

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Cubic Zirconia Beads China Supplier

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Cubic Zirconia Beads Wholesale China Manufacturer

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Cubic Zirconia Smooth Beads Wholesale Price

6.0mm colored cubic zirconia beads

Below is normal ball/beads cut shape synthetic gemstones sizes:

3.00mm, 4.00mm, 6.00mm,  8.00mm, 10.00mm  12mm    ...

Material: Cubic Zirconia, Spinel & Lab Ruby

Quality: AAA

Are you looking for facet ball/beads Cut CZ Stones?

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