Golden Jubilee Diamond

Golden Jubilee Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia Famous Diamond

The largest faceted diamond is the Golden Jubile in the world, it's 545.67 carats with fancy brownish-yellow color. The seconde largest diamond is Cullinan I (as known "Star of Africa", 530.20 carats) which pear shape and colorless, the third largest diamond is incomparable diamond with weighs 407 carats. We can make top 10 expensive famous diamond in the worlde which make with cubic zirconia replica. We just replicas shapes and sizes of diamonds. Because cubic zirconia is more heavier than diamond. We make many styles of famous diamond replicas include hope diamond, koh-i-noor, spoonmaker, kohinoor new cut, centenary diamond, de beers, great mogul, dresden green, orlov and more. If you are looking for famous diamond replicas, please feel free to contact us to get free quote. Or any custom cut diamonds are also acceptable.

golden jubilee diamond
golden jubilee diamond yellow cubic zirconia
golden jubilee diamond replicas

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