Cinquefoil Flower Cut

Cubic Zirconia Gemstone Flower Shape Loose CZ Stones Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale from China

A flower cut of cubic zirconia is most popular cut.Flower cut CZ Simulated Diamond is widely used for earrings and other jewelry settings.It's so beautiful and spark cutting.

There are 12 styles of Flower Cutting to cubic zirconia loose CZ stones:

1.Cinquefoil Flower Cut                 2.Double Cinquefoil Flower Cut             3.Quatrefoil Flower Cut           4.Checkerboard Quatrefoil Flower Cut                    5.Cabochon Quatrefoil Flower Cut                        6.Cinquefoil Double Buttom Flower Cut         7.Cinquefoil Double Checkerboard Flower Cut           8.Inquefoil Double Cabochon Flower Cut                9.Cinquefoil Cabochon Face Flat Bottom    Flower Cut                     10.Cinquefoil Checkerboard Face Flower Cut          11.Trefoil Flower Cut       12.Sixfoil Flower Cut

flower cut pink cubic zirconia
flower shaped white cubic zirconia
flower shaped orange cubic zirconia
Cinquefoil Flower Cut

Cinquefoil Flower Cut 

flower cubic zirconia stones wholesale price
flower cubic zirconia stones
Cinquefoil flower cubic zirconia garnet color

cinquefoil flower garnet cubic zirconia

flower cubic zirconia purple color

cinquefoil flower purple cubic zirconia

cinquefoil purple flower cut cubic zirconia

cinquefoil flower violet cubic zirconia

five stars shape white cubic zirconia

five pointed star white cubic zirconia

five pointed stars white cubic zirconia

five pointed star cubic zirconia

five pointed stars cubic zirconia stones

five pointed star cubic zirconia

We as one of China professional flower cut gemstones manufacturers and suppliers can offer you at wholesale prices from our factory. You can buy high quality and direct factory price from us.There are many cubic zirconia colors for pear cut cubic zirconia loose cz stones, for example:white, pink, garnet, black, champagne,yellow,amethyst,apply green,smoke,emerald green and coffee brown etc.

Here are  cinquefoil flower shape cubic zirconia loose stones sizes:

3×3mm        4×4mm      5×5mm         6×6mm         7×7mm             8×8mm          9×9mm         10×10mm

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