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We are able to offer you the brilliance, spark and beauty of real diamond, but at a fraction of the natural diamond price. If you know where to look you can find them with a slight warmth,if you prefer not such a stark white stone.Ideal Cut Diamond Simulants is your best choice. In today's economy, finding the money to buy that desired fine gemstone is often difficult. Natural diamonds can cost thousands of dollars. There are also many who have issues with the ethics of the diamond mining industry. For those who want a 100 percent guarantee that their diamond is conflict free; simulated and synthetic diamonds are a good substitute. To the naked eye, most people find it impossible to tell the difference between a natural diamond and lab-grown diamond simulant, or to even distinguish one color grade from another. As far as price goes, the difference can be significant. In recent years, it became possible to create beautiful diamond simulants in a laboratory that match the desired qualities of mined diamonds

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Diamond Simulant Heart Cut
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Diamond Simulant Pear Cut
Diamond Simulant Marquise Cut
Diamond Simulant Radiant Cut

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All our stones are of exceptional quality (equivalent to D colour and VSI grade) and are impossible to distinguish from real diamonds to the naked eye. They are rated 8.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness compared to a diamond which, with a rating of 10, is the hardest natural substance.

Each piece simulated diamond are round shape with eight hearts and arrows cut stone. Hearts & Arrows is an industry term for a specific type of round cut where all facets are in perfect alignment, proportion and symmetry. Cut is one of the four major components of diamond grading and controls 98% of the brilliance of a round cut gem or diamond. How the facets on both the top and bottom half of the round cut gem line up (symmetry) determines a gemstones scintillation, or the way it plays with light as it reflects it to the viewer.

The popularity of simulated diamonds is steadily rising. More women can get the same look and feel of expensive diamonds without the high price tag. Technology has improved to the point where many elegant rings women wear these days are often a simulated diamond in a high-quality setting.

Diamond Simulant Color Grade

Diamond Color Grade

Just like diamonds, you have a choice of color grade as well. Colorless(D), Near Colorless (H-J), Faint Tint (KLM), Lightest Yellow (NOP), Light Yellow and Canary Yellow colors are available. As you all know by now, the reason a diamond has its brilliance, fire, and sparkle is because of its cutting even more so than by the fact that it is a diamond. Being a diamond only gives it that potential to be one of the most brilliant gemstones, the cutting determines whether it actually ends up being one. With this in mind, it is not very difficult to imagine that the same applies for simulants.

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