Nassak Diamond

Nassak Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia Stones

The Nassak Diamond (also known as the Nassac Diamond and the Eye of the Ido) is a large, 43.38 carats (8.676 g) diamond that originated as a larger 89 carat diamond in the 15th century in India. Although the date of the original cutting is unknown, the original cutting was performed in India and had sacrificed everything to size while giving the diamond a form and appearance similar to that of the Koh-i-Noor diamond. In 1930, the Nassak Diamond had a somewhat elongated triangle form with rounded corners. The depth of one side of the triangle was thicker than the other. The diamond was "without flaw, unusually brilliant, and so cut as to well display its clear, crystal brilliancy." According to information of Nassak from the internet, the dimensions: 23.35 x 21.73 x 11.51 mm, we take the highest quality crystal white cubic zirconia to make the replica. This is one of popular historic diamonds in the world and many enthusiast would like to  have Nassak diamond replica to their collection.

Famous Diamond Nassak Diamond Replica
Nassak Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia
Nassak Diamond Replica

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