Trillion Cut

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Triangular cut gemstone also called trillion cut and triangle cut, are mixed cuts with three equally straight or slightly curved sides. They are typically shallow and are often cut from flattened rough. When cut to certain proportions, Triangular Brilliants are very bright and sparkly gemstones. The optimal ratio of length to width for triangular cuts is 1:1.Trillions are often used for rings and other jewelry settings.

There are 7 styles of Trillion Cutting Triangle Shape for cubic zirconia loose CZ stones:

1.Chamfer Trillion Cut 2. Right angle Trillion Cut 3.Double Cabochon Trillion Cut 4.Natural Trillion Cut 5.Double Checkerboard Trillion Cut 6.Checkerboard Face Taper Angle Trillion Cut 7.Cabochon Face Trillion Cut

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Standard sizes of triangle /trillion cut :

3×3mm 4×4mm 5×5mm 6×6mm 7×7mm 8×8mm 9×9mm 10×10mm

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