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The Marquise cut is also known as the “Navette Cut” shape and looks like a long oval that has been stretched out to a point on each end.Marquise cut Cubic Zirconia Stone provides good brilliance and color.Marquise loose gemstones are approximately twice as long as they are wide, but some prefer the look of a longer or shorter stone. .Marquise cut gemstone is gorgeous when used as a solitaire or when enhanced by smaller gemstone. Legend says that the name of this cut came when King Louis XV commissioned his jeweler to make a gemstone in the shape of his mistress lips: the fabulous Marquise Madame de Pompadour. A sleek and seductive design, the perfect Marquise cut gemstone should always be cut in a 2:1 aspect ratio, meaning it must be twice as long as it is wide to have the proper aesthetic effect. Please contact us for wholesale price of marquise cubic zirconia stones.

Marquise Cut White Cubic Zirconia Stones


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Marquise shape cubic zirconia sizes(mm):

2×4 3×6 4×8 5×10 6×12 7×14 8x16

Quality: AAA

MOQ: 100pcs each

There are 9 styles of Marquise Cutting to Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Stones:

1.Standard Marquise Cut 2.Natural Marquise Cut 3.Double Checkerboard Marquise Cut 4.Cabochon Marquise Cut 5.Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Marquise Cut 6.Double Cabochon Marquise Cut 7.Checkerboard Marquise Cut 8.Double Marquise Cut 9.Flat Bottom Marquise

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