Florentine Diamond

Florentine Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia Historic Diamond Replica

Florentine diamond is one of famous yellow diamonds in the world, The stone is also known as the Tuscan diamond. It is cut in the form of an irregular nine-sided 126-facet double rose cut, with a weight of 137.27 carats. The cubic zirconia replica is designed and cut by our professional and skilled cutter, we take light canary yellow color CZ rough to facet loose stones with excellent quality. If you are interested in our diamond replicas, please contact us to get a quote now!

florentine diamond facetes diagram

florentine diamond diagram

florentine diamond cubic zirconia

florentine diamond replica

florentine diamond

florentine diamond

Florentine Diamond Replica cubic zirconia

florentine diamond cubic zirconia

The Mists of Morne by Justin.b.hodder (Author)

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What would you do to ensure your legacy? For Emily Owens, merely earning her archaeology degree was never going to be enough. She yearned for adventure, for a challenge—anything that could bring stimulation into her lackluster life. So, when a chance introduction and promiscuous encounter grant the opportunity, she soon finds herself bending her treasure hunting ethics to get one step ahead of her cohorts. But while her journey leads her to the heights of Peru in search of a long-lost relic, she is thrust into the midst of a much more complex agenda already at play. Caught between her desire to find a mystical artifact that will undoubtedly make her career, and the rising threat of a rogue religious terrorist organization that will stop at nothing to harness its power, Emily must quickly decide if she will stop and retreat—or proceed and fight. Along with the help of an explosive redhead, an old university flame, and a brother-in-law who holds more of the Owens family secrets than she does, Emily seeks to foil the opposition—while trying to preserve the sanctity and the historical significance of the artifact in the process. The world doesn’t know her name yet … but it will.

The Mists of Morne Book
What would you do to ensure your legacy

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