Nano Grey

Nano gems are a glass-ceramic material with nano sized (10⁻⁹m) crystals of spinel in an aluminosilicate glass matrix. It has special physical and optical properties: Color – homogeneous and even, Hardness is  7.0-7.5 Moh's scale, Refractive Index  is 1.61 – 1.64, Density  is 3.0 – 3.3 g/cm³, Heat Resistance up to 1500 °C, Luster and Color are maximally close to many natural gemstones.  High thermal shock resistance makes Nanogem fully compatible with wax casting jewelry.  It is the best substitite of the color natural gemstones! It completely simulate the brightness, colors, hardness and density of many gemstones like emerald, ctrine, smoky quartz, swiss blue topaz, aquamarine, spinel, ruby and sapphire. There are many colors nano gems to choose for your jewelry making like pink, yellow, blue, green, olive, purple, violet, morganite,  black, red and more. As you can see Nanogem advantages are obvious: Colour uniformity over the entire volume, relatively high hardness and density, colour and lustre that are as close to natural analogues, and the ability to use in wax setting.

Grey color is one of popular nano gems, and widely used for sterling silver jewelry and 18k jewelry included rings, necklaces and earrings.  

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Round sizes:

   1.50mm                   1.75mm               2.00mm                  2.50mm                3.00mm                      4.00mm                        5.00mm                    6.00mm                        8.00mm

Oval sizes:

3×5mm          4×6mm            5×7mm 

Pear sizes:

3×5mm          4×6mm            5×7mm 

Wax Casting Nano Gems Color List

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Paraiba Nano Gems

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London Blue Nano Gems

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