Shah Diamond

The Shah Diamond Replica

The Shah's shape, similar to a quartz crystal, is one of the most unusual in the world of famous diamonds. It is an 88.70 carats, bar-shaped diamond, originated in Golconda mines. The jewel is partially polished with its diamond bearing three engraved Persian inscriptions. 

1)The first engraving says, "Bourhan-Nizam-Shah-II, 1000".

2)The second one says, "Son of Jahangir Shah-Jahan Shah, 1051". This relates it to Shah Jahan.

3)The third one says, "Kadjar Fath Ali Shah" In 1739, the Persian conquerer of India, Nadir Shah seized the great Mughal's treasures and it was then, this inscription engraved on it in 1829.

The Shah Diamond was given to Czar Nicholas I of Russia by Persian Government it thus, became part of the Crown Jewels of that country. In 1914, when World War I broke out, the diamond was sent to St Petersburg to Moscow for safekeeping. After the revolution, when the strongboxes were opened in 1922 by the new regime, the Shah was among the treasures. It is now one of the prized possessions in the Russian treasury of diamonds & precious stones in the Kremlin.  It is displayed in the Diamond fund of Russia in Moscow.

Russia Shah Diamond
bar-shaped Shah Diamond

Original Shah Diamond

Shah Diamond

We make the replica of Shah Diamond according to its historyic story,  try to make a perfect replica as we do.  We use the highest quality cubic zirconia to reproduce, hope it can help our customers to do research, education, collection and souvenir. We make  replicas of the world  diamonds in museum. The Shah diamond is a big challenge to copy for our facters.  If you are interested in shah diamond replica, welcome to contact us any time. 

Shah Diamond Recreated Cubic Zirconia
Famous Shah Diamond Replica

Shah Diamond Replica

Shah Diamond Replica

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