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The Sancy, a pale yellow diamond of 55.23 carats (11.046 g), was once reputed to have belonged to the Mughals of antiquity, but is more likely of Indian origin owing to its cut, which is unusual by Western standards. Sancy is double-sided pear-shaped diamond with a long and interesting history, it was originally purchased in 1570 by Nicholas Harlai, Seigneur de Sancy. This diamond traveled the world and changed hands several times. A museum setting seems to suit this beautiful pear-shape perfectly after such a global history. The Sancy is a vagabond diamond: found in India, and traveling three times to France, to England, then: back to India, Russia, Spain and the United States, its present location is the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Sancy is pale yellow color with measurements 25.7 x 20.6 x 14.3mm. Add Sancy Diamond Replica to your Collection Now, please contact us today !

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sancy diamond replica
Sancy diamond

sancy diamond

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