Crushed Ice Cut

What is Crushed Ice Cut?

A crushed ice diamond is simply a stone with a center that looks like shattered glass or ice. The crushed ice look comes from smaller facets on the pavillion of the stone than on other regular cuts gems you may have seen. These small facets bounce and reflect light off each other, giving it the crushed look. They’re designed intentionally by the gemstone cutter.

Crushed Ice Cut have a similar look like radiant cut, but they are different from girdle and thickness of pavillion. Crushed Ice Cut gemstones have a very high height (70-75% thickness), and weight of stone is more heavier than regular cut in same meansurements. Most of fancy shapes can be made to Crushed Ice cut like Oval shape, Pear shape, Heart shape, Square shape, Octaon shape and Cushion shape. And the popular colors for Crushed Ice Cut are canary yellow, green, blue, crystal white, paraiba green. Each piece is Precision cutting with 10x loupe. All of our Crushed Ice Cut gemstones are best quality AAAAAA. If you are looking at beautiful gems and look like a diamond for your engagement ring, welcome to contact us to get more details.

Crushed Ice Cut White Cubic Zirconia
Octagon Crushed Ice Cut Light Blue CZ
Octagon Crushed Ice Cut Blue CZ
Square Crushed Ice Cut Blue CZ
Crushed Ice Cut Cushion Champagne CZ
Crushed Ice Cut Heart Shape Pink Cubic Zirconia
Crushed Ice Cut Heart Shape Green CZ
Crushed Ice Cut Pink CZ Diamond
Crushed Ice Cut Olive CZ