Heart of the Ocean

Heart of the Ocean Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia

The tragic tale of the Titanic has been cemented in our hearts and memories by James Cameron’s classic film, centered on the doomed young love of Jack and Rose. In the movie, the Heart of the Ocean is an impressive blue diamond completely encircled by glittering diamonds. The diamond is said to be larger than the Hope Diamond and was allegedly owned by Louis XVI. In reality, the necklace was a stunning sapphire surrounded by diamonds and aptly named the Love of the Sea.Many reproductions of the necklace have been made, some more expensive and desirable than others. The original Heart of the Ocean necklace seen throughout the film, and worn by the enchanting Kate Winslet, was a prop mainly composed of cubic zirconia.

We make the replica " Heart of the Ocean" from cubic zirconia stones, it's blue color heart shaped cubic zirconia.It's very beautiful gem. If you are looking for replica " Heart of the Ocean Diamond", please feel free to contact us to get more detail.

heart of the ocean diamond replica
heart of the ocean diamond
heart of the ocean diamond cubic zirconia

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