Lab Created Star Sapphire

Each mined Star Sapphires are incredibly beautiful and interesting gemstones, very rare and expensive. A genuin sapphire is a precious gemstone made of the mineral corundum, or aluminum oxide (Al2O3). It’s formed by volcanic processes in rock deep in the earth under high temperature, high-pressure conditions. When the hot rock begins to coo​​l, crystallization occurs. For most people, blue is synonymous with sapphires. When titanium and iron seep into the Al2O3 crystal lattice, a blue hue is created. If chromium seeps in, the rock will be red and will be considered a ruby. For corundum sapphire, there are other colors like pink, yellow and orange. it's even more rare.

Synthetic sapphires are very inexpensive to produce and are very common! In 1837, it was discovered that microscopic crystals of aluminum oxide, the raw material for corundum, could be produced synthetically, and in 1877, chemist Edmond Fremy found a way to form gemstone quality stones using these crystals in a molten aluminum bath. Soon Fremy joined forces with Auguste Verneuil to create the flame fusion, or Verneuil method, of creating stones from corundum. Today synthetic blue sapphire are popular gems for jewelry making. Star sapphire is amazing gem with three-ray or six-point star like natural star sapphire. What's more, it's cheap price and easy to get from us.

These star sapphires are cut in a smooth domed cabochon to showcase the effect. The star is most visible when illuminated with a single light source:, such as a flashlight or bright sunlight, and the star moves across the stone as the light moves. This effect, called asterism, is caused by light reflecting off tiny needle like rutile (called "silk") arranged in three sets of parallel needles that intersect one another at 60 degree angles. It's difficult to tell a genuine star blue sapphire from a synthetic stone by normal peopel. Most of star sapphires are cabochon shape flat base included round cabochon and oval cabochon.

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