Idol's Eye

Famous Idol's Eye Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia Diamond Simulant

Idol's eye is one of world famous diamonds and mineral were from India in the early 1600’s. When consideration is given to the shape of the Idol's Eye - something between an Old Mine cut and a triangular brilliant - it is not difficult to envisage its setting elsewhere as an eye. The diamond is actually something of a triangular Old Mine cut, but rather than having 8 main facets it has 9, along with 9 pavilion main facets corresponding. There are also a number of non-symmetrical facets scattered around the crown and pavilion of the stone, as can be seen in the facet layout drawing. Idol's eye diamond weight 70.21 carats with dimensions 26.1 x 24.53 x 13.43 mm. Since it's popular diamond, we make a replica of Idol's eye with cubic zirconia for customers around the world. If you are looking for a replica to make a pendant or neckalce, please contact us.

Idol's eye diamond cubic zirconia
Idol's eye diamond blue
Idol's eye diamond replica

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