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It's very happy to let you know that we are a professional Cubic Zirconia(CZ) Gemstones manufacturer and factory from Wuzhou China - The Capital of Synthetic Gemstones Manufacturing Base and it hold more than 80% market share of Synthetic Cubic Zirconia Gemstones in the world. CZGemstones have skilled workers and experienced technology for many years which can supply high quality of Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones,Lab Created Gemstones,CZ Diamond(Russia Cubic Zirconia Gemstones),Artificial Gems & Synthetic Gemstones and as a CZ Stones exporter which can make varies of shapes and colors to meet your jewelry setting and design.  We deal with synthetic gems included cubic zirconia, lab spinel, lab createdruby, lab created sapphire, moissanite, hydrothermal emerald, nano gem.

No matter what shapes sizes  or cutting you are looking for, we can manufacture it for you according your jewelry setting.We usually produce normal shapes and standard colors as below:

The regular shapes of Cubic Zirconia:

Round, Oval , Pear, Heart , Marquise , Baguette ,Baguette Tapper, Octagon ,Star shape, Flower , Trillion, Concave, Square ,Beads, drop shape and fancy shape etc.

 Colors of Cubic Zirconia Loose:

cubic zirconia White, cubic zirconia Pink, cubic zirconia Black, cubic zirconia Garnet, cubic zirconia Amethyst, cubic zirconia Blue, cubic zirconia Brown, cubic zirconia Green, cubic zirconia Olive, cubic zirconia Peridot,cubic zirconia  Yellow, cubic zirconia Coffee, cubic zirconia Champagne,  cubic zirconia Blue Topaz, cubic zirconia Tanzanite, cubic zirconia  Lavender etc. You also can choose Light color, Middle color or Dark color. For example, if you want to buy Garnet color, there are light garnet, middle garent and dark garnet as for your choice.

But you will never take the gemstones quality into consideration, as our experience from many clients from all over the word,they usually purchase AAA quality as their normal quality choice. Because of AAA quality Cubic Zirconia is inexpensive and premium quality for their jewelry setting, both price and quality are good. Most of important,  their consumers also can accept it and jewelry setting manufacturers can get good price as they wish.At the same time, we also have lower or higher quality for you choice, the A quality CZ Stone is much lower than normal AAA quality CZ, if you want to buy more higher quality, AAAAA Quality CZ Gemstones as your best choice.

There are many advantages for you to choose from us:

1.Over 15 years experience of gemstones manufacturing.

2.Many years experience of foreign trade with many countries.

3.Experienced safe package and Fast shipping.

4.Competitive price with premium quality and great service.

5.Long-term steady CZ gemstones mass production supply ability.

6.More than 200 shapes designs.

7.Customized shape and cutting manufacturing are welcome.

8.Sample and Color Card are available.

Cullinan Rough Preformed CZ
heart of the ocean replica rough preformed
Tiffany Yellow Diamond Preformed CZ
famous diamond preformed CZ
Cullinan CZ Rough
incomparable CZ preformed

If you are looking for CZ Gemstones or lab created gems to your jewelry setting or special shape/cut request, please send us a mail, you will get a free service. Do you want to know how do we cut cubic zirconia stones? Where to find a premium supplier to make cubic zirconia for you? Where to buy high quality cubic zirconia ? If you have rough stones, want to find a factory to cut them for you?  We can help you to make it. Please contact us .

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