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There are many ways of making synthetic corundum, both ruby and sapphire. Flame fusion is very inexpensive method of synthesizing any stone. Hydrothermal synthesis is the most expensive. This involves growing a crystal from a solution under great heat and pressure. Not only is the equipment for this process expensive, it also takes weeks or months to grow crystals. However, hydrothermal is the synthetic technique that mimics most closely natural gemstone formation. Now we can supply hydrothermal emerald and hydrothermal ruby(corundum) to market. Most of synthetic corundum faceted gems is processed by flame fusion which is very low price included white sapphire, blue sapphire and synthetic ruby which mass production based in China. However, if you want more value from your finished stone, use a hydrothermal. You may be able to sell your faceted hydrothermal ruby for a higher price. Please contact us to get free quote of hydrothermal ruby rough now.

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