Opal Cat

Synthetic opal is composed by 80% silica and 20% resin. It takes about a year to grow in laboratory. They are produced in a wide range of colors and shapes that many people enjoy. Many synthetic opals look so much like natural opal that trained gemologists can have difficulty separating them from natural opals. Even the very best synthetic opal can be cut into cabochons and sold for just a small fraction of the price of natural opal cabochons of similar size and appearance. There are many colors of synthetic opals to choice for many people. Today we show you a very cute shape - Kitty Cat which made from quality material opal. Opal cat is widely used for pendant and tooth gems. If you are looking at lovely cat opal, please feel free to contact us !

Kitty Cat Synthetic Opal
Kitty Cat Opal
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Opal Cat Charm
Opal Cat Pendant
Pink Cat Opal Bead
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