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Moissanite Diamond Stones
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Moissanite - A Best Diamond Alternative

Natural Moissanite diamond stone is extremely rare, so today's all Moissanite stone available are Moissanite lab-created only. We can make many different shapes for moissanite stones. Each piece is perfectly cutting and polishing. Our moissanite stones do offer a more brilliant display of refracted light. Moissanite is highly resistant to scratching. Moreover, this stone is harder than all gemstones, except for diamond (10 Moh's). Our Moissanites are white that produce the most brilliant shine and sparkle. Rated E-F on the diamond color scale. Moissanite is much cheaper price than diamond, when you choose moissanite stones instead of diamonds, you'll save money. We also accept custome order. If you are looking for a great diamond alternative (moissanite), please feel free to contact us !

Moissanite Series

Cubic Zirconia Series

white cubic zirconia wholesale
Round White Loose CZ Brilliant Cut GemstonesThe most valued and popular CZ Cubic Zirconia gemstones product on the market. The Round White CZ AAAAA quality stone is look like same as brilliant as a real diamond. We also have cubic zirconia AAA as for your reference.
pear garnet red cz stones
Garnet Color Pear Shape CZ Stones is a artificial composition created to fake the diamond. Garnet pear CZ is a high quality stones, cheap and beautiful gemstones. Generally Pear CZ is half again as long as it's wide, some prefer the look of a longer or shorter stone. It is high demand for jewelry industry because of its unique beauty.
amethyst heart cubic zirconia
Heart Cut Violet Purple CZ Loose Gemstones Cubic Zirconia Stones. The purple color is beautiful and fashion CZ stones color, the couple usually like heart cut CZ gemstones jewelry as their gift.The heart shaped cubic zirconia can make truly beautiful earrings and pendants for people.It's also as a noble gemstones.
pear aquamarine color CZ
The aquamarine blue topaz Cubic Zirconia gemstone looks spectacular in any setting and is a favorite among jewelry lovers. Our aquamarine marquise cut CZ Gemstone is fine cut and good polish stones.The Marquise CZ is an elongated brilliant-cut stone with a point on each end, which can vary in shape from long and slender to a shorter, broader appearance.
round green CZ stones China
Octagon Green Emerald Cut CZ Gemstones. This a traditional octagonal cut demonstrates a classic elegance and transparency all its own. Green Emerald Cut CZ is a fascinating gemstones. They have the most beautiful, most intense and most radiant green cubic zirconia stones. This green CZ is perfect match jewelry setting.
oval yellow cubic zirconia stones
The Oval shape CZ is brilliance and sparkle synthetic gemstones.It's usually used by jewelry setting.The yellow oval cut cubic zirconia gemstones are popular and best sell in today's gemstone market. Many manufacturers opt for golden yellow CZ stones to their earrings, pendants and necklaces.

Famous Diamond Replicas Series

If you are looking for cubic zirconia gemstones(CZ diamond or Russia Cubic Zirconia), simulated gemstones, lab created gemstones , happy to let you know that you are come to right place. Because we are a professional cubic zirconia loose stones factory and manufacturerwhich can offer cz quality from A to AAA and top AAAAA quality for jewelry manufacturers and designers from Wuzhou China over 15 years experienced manufacture skilled.

We offer variety of shapes and cuts include round brilliant cut,oval cut,pear cut,marquise cut,hart cut,trillion cut, asscher cut,princess cut, baguette and tapper cut etc. CZ Colors include:white, black, pink, garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, brown, green, olive, peridot, yellow, champagne, coffee, aquamarine, tanzanite, lavender.You can contact us for color card.

Top 8 advantage to choose from us:

Over 15 years experience of gemstones manufacturing.

We have more than 15 years to cut cubic zirconia loose gemstones by skilled and experienced workers and supply you good quality for your jewelry making or distribution.

Many years experience of foreign trade with many countries.

Our cubic zirconia gemstone is sold to many countries, such as America,France,Italy,United Kingdom,Turkey and Thailand etc.

Experienced safe package and Fast shipping.

To protect your cubic zirconia stones from bad-condition shipping and possible damage, we use soft paper,opp bag and five layer KK carton to safe package.It will take 3-4 business days to delivery your CZ Gemstones by DHL,FedEx,EMS,UPS,TNT.

Competitive price with premium quality and great service.

All cubic zirconia loose stones are manufactured by our factory in China which from choosing raw material,

modeling,cutting,polishing to quality checking technician controlled, that's why we can keep premium quality and offer you competitive price and great service.

Long-term steady CZ gemstones mass production supply ability.

We can offer you long term cz stones with steady quality by our experienced and skilled workers and we have small round size in stock.We manufacture 2,500,000pcs/month for mass production supply your cubic zirconia gemstones request.

More than 200 shapes designs.

We can cut variety of shapes include round,pear,oval,

marquise ,heart,baguette,tapper,trillion,flower,square and octagon etc.There are over 200 shapes designs for your reference,if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

Customized shape and cutting manufacturing are welcome.

As for cutting of cubic zirconia gemstones, there are many cuts in the gemstones market.For example:brilliant cut,oval cut,pear cut,tapper cut, leaf cut,left &right cut,marquise cut,heart cut etc.You are welcome to let me know what cuts you are looking for,customized cuts shapes is available.

Samples and Color Card are available.

If you want to check our quality or sizes, you can check sample firstly before placing your order. Please email or call us to get more detail.