Orlov Diamond Replica Cubic Zirconia

The Orlov (sometimes spelled Orloff) is a large diamond of Indian origin, currently displayed as a part of the collection of the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin. It is described as having the shape and proportions of half a chicken's egg. In 1774, it was encrusted into the Imperial Sceptre of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. It has no factually recorded beginning.  Others write of myths and fables concerning it, but there are no real facts until it was purchased by Count Orlov and given to Catherine the Great in 1772.  Her royal scepter was designed by Troitinsky in 1784 (Twining, p. 534), and the stone has resided in it ever since. Orlov diamond is approx. 195 carats with dimension 34.92 x 31.75 x 24.6 mm. Since we don't have real diamond, so our cutter just replica shape and size. If you would like to have a piece Orlov replica, please contact us to get free quote.

orloff diamond
orlov diamond royal jewelry
White Orlov Diamond
Orlov Diamond Replica cubic zirconia
orlov diamond
Orlov Diamond Replica

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