English Letters ABC Alphabet Blue Opal

English Letters ABC Alphabet Blue Synthetic Loose Sparkling Opal Beads Full Drill Wholesale Price

Synthetic opals created in a lab have the ability to capture the colour-play opal is known for to varying degrees. It is ideal for sourcers and suppliers to meet the demand of retailers and jewellery brands, designers and can easily be cut into cabochons, beads or other shapes. Cultured opals follow the same play-of-colour and quality of natural opals with the same chemical composition, except for water content, which is zero in the case of created opals and which means fewer chances of cracks over time and even gemologists can have difficulty telling them apart. Costing a fraction of the price, manufactured opals can be cut to any size, shape and colourway. It is popular as a decorative material that goes beyond its uses in jewellery.

Synthetic Opal in Different Colors : White Opal, Blue Opal, Yellow Opal, Red Opal, Purple Opal and Green Opal.

We offer half-drilled and full-drilled opal beads, colored stone and bello opal cabochons for jewelry design. All of our Polymer Impregnated Synthetic Opal is composed by 80% silica  and  20% resin. It takes about a year to grow in laboratory and the brilliance is grown layer by layer. Among all man-made opals, Bello Opal has the most similar properties as natural opal.We also accept customized shapes in different colors. The following photos are Enghlish Letters ABC Alphabet Opals as for  your reference.

Opal Letters A
Synthetic Opal Letter K
Lab Created Opal Letter V
26 Letters Alphabet ABC Synthetic Opals China Manufacturer

Alphabet ABC Opals

26 Letters Opal Pendant

26 Letters Opal Pendant

Opal letter measures 8-10 mm

Minimum order quantity: 100pcs

Drilled hole: 1.0-1.2mm

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