Portuguese Diamond



Of South African origin, the Portuguese Diamond weighs 127.01 ct. GIA gemologists graded it an M on the GIA Color Scale, and gave it a VS1 clarity grade because of a small bruise on one of the facets and two very minor scratches on the table.

The Portuguese has Very Strong blue fluorescence, and this may help mask the faint yellow color in the diamond. Because the fluorescence is so strong, in 1924 it was advertised by Black, Starr & Frost to be a blue diamond.

The Portuguese Diamond amoung other notable diamonds in the Smithsonian's collection:

The Victoria-Transvaal, the 16-carat Pearson (the white round brilliant), the De Young Pink and the

Blue Heart, an unnamed oval-shaped diamond, and the yellow Oppenheimer Diamond Crystal in the back.

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The Portuguese Diamond is a large octagonal-cut diamond known for its flawlessness and clarity. It weighs 127.01 carats. The stone resides in the Smithsonian Institute on permanent display, Washington DC. Under ultraviolet light the stone gives out a strong fluorescence; under daylight or artificial light, it exudes a soft fluorescence and a bluish haze. It's one of famous diamonds in the world. So we make it with CZ, it's colorless flawless diamond simulant. It's amazing stone. If you are looking for beautiful diamond replicas, please feel free to contact us

Portuguese Diamond Replica
Portuguese Diamond
Portuguese Diamond Replica CZ

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