Four Leaf Clover Gems

A dainty Four-leaf clover choker is a lovely way to bring luck with you wherever you go. Its four-leaf leaves are given the meaning of good luck, health, wealth, and love. This fascinating and attractive pattern carries the best emotions of mankind. In both China and the West, it represents enough luck and beauty. . Although the four-leaf clover is simple in shape, it is elegant and it is also an important reason for everyone to choose it. It is also the foundation of its long-lasting prosperity. The design of the four-leaf clover is simple, and it is suitable for Western faces with relatively clear ridgelines, especially in line with the aesthetics of the Orientals. The four-leaf clover is not a simple left-right symmetry. Its design is center-symmetric, that is, it can revolve with itself after rotating 180 degrees around a center point. This centrally symmetrical design gives a beautiful, solemn and beautiful feeling.

The base of all four-leaf clover is made of 18K gold. The earliest four-leaf clover is only gold, and now it has 18K gold, 18K white gold and 18K rose gold. Four-leaf clover also introduces different materials and colors, including mother-of-pearl, malachite, turquoise, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, diamond, chalcedony, carnelian, onyx, serpent wood; Red, gray, yellow, white, green, pink, black, blue…

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Four Clover Leaf Size(mm):

8x8x2.0 10x10x2 12x12x2 14x14x2 16x16x2 18x18x2

MOQ: 100 pcs