Asscher Cut

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Some gemstone cut's never go out of style, but Asscher cut can break traditional cutting style.The Asscher cut was first developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher,  it similar to an emerald cut, the Asscher cut’s 58 facets are larger and wide-set (3 rows on the top, 3 rows on the bottom), and the gemstone is nearly octagonal in shape.Asscher cut gemstones still have a classic appearance with a better balance of spark than emerald cut.The blocked corners add to its geometric appeal, making the diamond appear almost octagonal. It is usually cut to a square outline as opposed to rectangular.It has good polish and proportions for Asscher cut, many jewelry companies usually use Asscher cut gemstone for jewelry design.  Invented in the early 20th century by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, the Asscher cut features a square shape with a flat table (top surface), many small step cuts along the top edges, and longer facets underneath for a Hall of Mirrors effect. Like the Cushion cut, the Asscher cut has an open culet (the bottom of the gemstone) and a facet plan that draws the eye into the gemstone and gives it depth. This is a highly unusual design, often favored by individuals with a more modern sense of style.

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Asscher cut  size:

4x4mm     5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm               8×8mm              9×9mm            10×10mm   

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