Synthetic Opal Rondelle Beads

Synthetic Opal is impregnated in laboratory in around a year and has similar properties as that of natural opal. The main difference with natural opal is that the naturally occurring process has been sped up in the laboratory. It has brighter colors, and larger color patches than in natural opal. In synthetic opal, color grain boundaries are highly irregular. Also, it has a distinctive pattern and it shows a more ordered array of colors because the intricate pattern of natural opal cannot be duplicated. Bello Opal rondelle  is highly interesting for customized jewelry design. Bello Opal, material produced by Kyocera, represents the best lab  grown synthetic opal in the world. It takes about 10 months to grow in the laboratory. We  can make rondelle opal beads in different sizes as customers' required.  If you are interested in opal rondelle beads, please feel free to contact us today !

synthetic opal purple earrings op09

opal rondelle op09

lab created opal rondelle beads op48

opal rondelle op48

imitation opal rondelle charm op60

opal rondelle op60

bello opal yellow rondelle op04

opal rondelle op04

lab created synthetic opal jewelry op51

opal rondelle op51

lab grown simulated opal rondelle op71

opal rondelle op71

lab created synthetic opal rondelle op74

opal rondelle op74

synthetic black opal rondelle bead op32

opal rondelle bead op32

syntheticblue opal jewelry op05

opal rondelle op05

synthetic blue opal rondelle bead op36

opal rondelle bead op36

synthetic opal body jewelry op76

opal rondelle op76

synthetic purple opal rondelle bead op38

opal rondelle op38

There are 78 colors to choose from our opal color chart as below:

synthetic bello opal color chart

synthetic opal color chart

Rondelle Size(mm): 14 x 7mm

MOQ: 100pcs

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