Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond Replica Blue Cubic Zirconia Reproduction Gemstones

This is an exceptional replica of a famous Hope Diamond, a man-made stone which its brilliant blue color and flawless clarity. The material is cubic zirconia, it's hand-cut simulated diamond with excellent quality. The hope diamond is a 42.52 greyish blue Cushion Cut diamond its dimensions are 25.60mm x 21.78mm x 12mm. The copy we sold here, is 25mm x 22mm x 12mm, which is very close to the original and the colour is sapphire blue, it is not as dark as the hope diamond, but is quite close. And replica of hope diamond is much heavier than a real thing. The simulated hope diamond up to 75-80 carats.

hope diamond replica

hope diamond replica 

hope diamond replica necklace

hope diamond necklace

blue hope diamond replica

blue hope diamond CZ

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