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Tiffany diamond is famous canary yellow color and have great reputation around the world, tiffany diamond is belong to museum in US. The gem was on loan from Tiffany & Co. to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. and was on display from April 18, 2007 until September 23, 2007. At the time, Jeffrey E. Post, the museum`s gem curator, said that this was the largest diamond on display in the U.S. The famous Hope Diamond is only 45.5 carats, which is about one-third the mass of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond. We are not only make tiffany diamond, but also replicas other famous diamonds included hope diamond, orlov, french blue, incomparable, dresen green, golden jubilee, great mogul and more. Thanks to our skilled and experienced master, we can make replica with shape and diamensions. Lady Gaga's necklace at the 2019 Oscars, she wear a beautiful Tiffany yellow diamond necklace, it's the estimated value of the Tiffany Diamond was $30 million in 2019. She's only the third woman to ever wear it.  If you are diamond replicas collector, please contact us to get free quote now. We are appreciated to help you.

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