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Concave cut - Also known as millennium cut, unlike the two-dimensional flat facet cuts, the concave cutting is three-dimensional. In addition to length and width, this curved cut results in a conical shaped facet, creating depth as well. This third dimension allows the concave cut gemstones to further refract more of the ambient light and return it to the eye as brilliance. A flat-faceted gems cut usually needs bright light to display brilliance. However, the concave cut facet reflects the smallest light source and returns brilliance even in the dim light of a single candle. The concave cut cubic zirconia or called millennium cut cubic zirconia have so much sparkle and fire. It is amazing, top color and clarity.

There are 10 styles of Concave Cut/Millennium Cut to cubic zirconia loose CZ stones:

1.Concave Square 2.Concave Pear 3.Concave Clipped Rectangle 4.Concave Oval 5.Concave Trillion 6.Concave Rounded Rectangle 7.Concave Checkerboard Heart 8.Concave Checkerboard Clipped Square 9.Concave Checkerboard Clipped Rectangle 10.Concave Round

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There are many cubic zirconia colors for pear cut cubic zirconia loose cz stones, included white, pink, garnet, black, champagne, violet, pink, yellow, amethyst, apply green, smoke, emerald green and coffee brown etc.

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