Radiant Cut DEF Moissanite Loose Wholesale Price from China

Radiant cut is rectanglar shape with amazing facets, it's one of important shapes for diamond shapes. Since moissanite is look alike a real diamond and it's cheaper cost than diamond. We are able to make different shaps with moissanite included radiant cut. We can make moissanite in DEF color VVS clairty, all our moissanite stones are AAAAA quality. If you want to make a moissanite ring or necklace, please contact us to buy loose moissanite.

radiant cut moissanite
radiant cut white moissanite stones

Moissanite Radiant Cut Size(mm): 5x7 6x8 7x9 8x10 9x11 10x14

Moissanite Color : White Near Colorless (DEF)

Moissanite Clarity : Eye-Clean (VVS)

Moissanite Cut : Excellent Cut

Testing Result: 100% Diamond tester passed (Testing Positive)

Customized Cut & Shape are acceptable.

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