Pink Diamond Simulant Cubic Zirconia Made from China Supplier

Pink diamond simulant is a romantic color for center stone of ring. For the last decades time, white diamond is a traditional centern stone of engagement ring. Due it's extremely expensive to buy natural diamond, what's more, it's rare to find a colored diamond like pink or yellow. Natural pink diamonds are among the most treasured of colored diamonds, and fancy intense/vivid pink diamonds readily command prices in excess of $100,000 per carat. What is a diamond simulant? Simply, a diamond simulant is a stone that looks similar to real diamond and shares some of its characteristics. Although simulants are used as diamond imitations, they have a different chemical structure from real diamonds. Some simulants occur naturally, while others are created artificially. Examples of popular pink diamond simulant include cubic zirconia, pink zircon, spinel and pink sapphire. We use the highest grade 5A cubic zirconia to produce pink diamond simulant and perfect match to engagement ring. What's more, our pink diamond simuant looking like natural diamond. It's just re priced at less than 2% of real deal. If you are looking for pink diamond CZ, please feel free to contact us !

pink diamond simulant cubic zirconia

pink diamond simulant