Cubic Zirconia Stones History

No longer standing in the shadows of other diamonds or other gemstones, cubic zirconia or CZ gemstones for short has established itself as a fan favorite in the jewelry industry.Dating as far back as 1937, cubic zirconia was originally discovered in its natural state by two mineralogists from Germany. Not particularly impressed with their new discovery, no name was given to their find.

Fast forward to the 1970’s…Soviet scientists began growing the cubic zirconia crystals in a laboratory setting. In 1977, the first CZ gemstones were sold into gemstone market.In the 1980’s a renowned producer of leaded crystal from Australia began producing CZ gemstones with mass production.

Consumers went wild for this sparkling new gemstone that looked identical to a diamond, but was low the cost of a diamond. Jewelry designers loved the versatility of the CZ stone as it is come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. It can be used in bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings etc. Cubic zirconia gemstones fool many people into thinking that they are looking at real diamond. To the untrained eye, CZ stones look very real. Upon close examination, you might notice that cubic zirconia gemstones have more flashes of color (fire) than natural diamonds do. CZ stones also have a smaller amount of sparkle or brilliance than a diamond does. With the naked eye, fine AAAAA rated loose cut CZ stones have been known to fool trained gemologists on occasion, so don’t be surprised if you are not able to tell the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia.

CZ is an acronym for cubic zirconia, a man-made stone used in place of diamonds. Cubic zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. The synthesized material is hard, flawless and bears great resemblance to a perfect diamond. Due to its low cost and great durability, CZ’s are often used with rhodium-plated sterling silver to emulate diamond and platinum jewelry. This alternative gives an expensive look at a more affordable price. Show your love for the earth and your sweetheart by choosing lab created cubic zirconia CZ that reduces destructive impact caused by the mining of diamonds. The majority of our jewelry is made with cubic zirconia stones.

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