Colors Cubic Zirconia Fancy Cut Ring Shaped CZ Stones Wholesale

Ring is a beautiful gift who everyone love to get a piece, but would you like to get a amazing ring which it's made of solid cubic zirconia without metal like gold, silver or copper? They are new arrival on cubic zirconia market. As we are large and professional cubic zirconia manufacturer and can offer our customers new and hotcake gemstones with colors like white/colorless, pink, purple, champagne, olive, yellow, green, violet, garnet red, yellow, lavender, orange, black and more. Want to get more detail? Please contact us today!

amethyst cubic zirconia stones ring

amethyst cz ring

loose cubic zirconia ring

black cz ring

pink cubic zirconia rings wholesale

pink cz ring

cubic zirconia champagne ring-shaped gemstones

champagne cz ring

Interior Diameter Size(mm): 14mm 15mm 16mm 17mm 18mm 19mm

Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

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