Hand Made Buddha Cut Diamond Cubic Zirconia Replica

The Buddha Cut is faceted much like modern brilliant cuts, with 33 crown facets, 21 pavilion facets and a culet. It's only cut by hand. Qualities D in color and VVS in clarity. For religious reasons, the head of the finished Buddha Cut are different styles. There are three different styles of Buddha Cut diamonds, each with its historical and regional significance: The Shakyamuni Buddha represents the historical Buddha of India; The Kwan Yin (China), or Kannon (Japan) represents the feminine form of Buddha; and the Jinarat, the Thai representation of Buddha.

The cut has been actively marketed in Asia since 1996, with the strongest interest coming from Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. The philosophy is that where there are Buddhists, there will be customers for Buddha Cut diamonds. The company also anticipates doing some marketing in California in the near future, and China in five years, when that country is expected to become a major diamond consumer. Since many customers are looking for Buddha Cut, we choose high quality white cubic zirconia stones to produce faceted gems, it's look like a real diamond in appreance.

Buddha Cut Cubic Zirconia

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