August Birthstone Gemstones Peridot

The birthstone for August is the Peridot. The traditional color associated with this stone is the lime green colour and is popularly used in jewellery.The Peridot is the official birthstone for August. It is known to bring wealth to its wearer, as well as positive energy and patience. During the Renaissance, Peridot stood for romance and love. It is mined in Egypt.The Peridot jewelry is very pretty when set in a gold setting and is usually not very expensive.

Peridot symbolizes dignity and success. There are several Other August Birthstones and even August Zodiac Sign Birthstones. Today most peridot is mined by Native Americans in Arizona on the San Carlos Reservation. Fine large peridot are found in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and peridot is also mined in China and Sri Lanka.

Although peridot is treasured in Hawaii as the goddess Pele's tears, almost all of the peridot sold in Hawaii today is from Arizona, even though peridot is produced by Hawaii's volcanoes. The island of Oahu even has beaches made out of olivine grains but unfortunately they are much too small to cut into peridot!

August birthstone peridot gemstones