Gold Price fall and induce cubic zirconia gemstones Jewelry cost reduction

From past 60days, you heard gold price fall and many Chinese buy bulk it crazed. According to statistics, 300 tons gold sold in one day in Hong Kong.It's crazed news.From 1,600USD/oz down to 1,360USD/oz,it's go down 9.7%. It's very rare for gold market. It's good news for cubic zirconia gemstones gold jewelry designers and manufacturers,it induce directly cost of jewelry made with cubic zirconia stones and gold. You can save 240USD/oz cost of gold material.And you directly buy loose cubic zirconia gemstones with AAA or AAAAA quality at lowest prices from China factory. Both low gold and cheap cubic zirconia stones can keep your jewelry cost fall, you can take more market share by competitive price to jewelry market.

There are many pear cuts cubic zirconia gemstones for you to design new and fashion jewelry for 2013.Loose pear cutting with varying sizes is proving to be the perfect stone to have as a centerpiece for beautiful earrings that dangle or ones that are made into elaborate chandelier styles. You know pear cut cz stones is one of cuttings for cubic zirconia.You also can buy round brilliant cut cz stones,marquise cut loose cz gemstones or heart cutting cz loose gemstones at wholesale price from China supplier

If you as customer, you can buy gold jewelry made with cubic zirconia gemstones at inexpensive price recently.CZ Gemstones is very beautiful synthetic gemstones and looks like real diamond but at cheap prices,it's a good chance to buy cz jewelry.If you really want to know more cubic zirconia stones information, you are welcome to email us by .