Loose Cubic Zirconia Garnet Color CZ Stones and Synthetic Gemstones Cheap Wholesale Prices from China Supplier Manufacturer

The Loose Cubic Zirconia Garnet Color Gemstone is known as the stone for a successful business. If your business is not as good as it should be, you should take it around you.Garnets Color CZ Stones can be used to make a person popular and have self-esteem when worn as jewelry. It helps protect one on trips. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. Garnet Color Stones are also known for helping you  success in business.
Chemical properties: (MgFe)2SiO4, Reflective Index: 1.650 - 1.688, Hardness: 8.5 Moh’s Scale, Specific Gravity: 3.34
            garnet cubic zirconia stones           garnet cubic zirconia stones   round garnet cubic zirconia gemstones

As for CZ Garnet Color Stone, it can be divided  to different garnet color, we usually divide  garnet color as 3 parts: Light Garnet Stone,Middle Garnet Stones and Dark Garnet Stones. You can choice different colors as for your jewelry setting and design. Cubic Zirconia Garnet Gemstones Quality from AAA to AAAAA grade and there are many shapes and sizes for your reference.
cubic zirconia oval cut garnet

loose cubic zirconia pear garnet

Round Shape Garnet CZ Loose Stones Sizes:

0.80mm                  1.00mm                  1.25mm           1.30mm                 1.50mm                  1.75mm                  2.00mm                 2.25mm                   2.50mm            2.75mm                3.00mm                   3.25mm           3.50mm                  4.00mm                   4.50mm            5.00mm                5.50mm                   6.00mm

 6.50mm                 7.00mm                  7.50mm             8.00mm                 8.50mm                  9.00mm

10.00mm              12.00mm                  13.00mm           14.00mm              15.00mm                20.00mm

30.00mm               40.00mm                  50.00mm            60.00mm

Oval/Pear Shape  Garnet CZ Loose Stones  Sizes:

3×5           4×6        5×7       6×8       7×9        8×10      9×11       10×12       10×14        12×16         13×18

Square Shape  Garnet  Red CZ Loose Stones Sizes:

2×2         3×3          4×4      5×5            6×6          7×7      8×8         9×9          10×10     12×12

Marquise Shape Garnet  Red CZ Loose Stones  Sizes:

2×4           2.5×5             3×6             3.5×7           4×8           5×10            6×12

Heart Shape Garnet CZ Loose Stones  Sizes:

3×3         4×4           5×5            6×6             7×7         8×8         9x9             10x10

Baguette  Cut  Garnet Red CZ Loose  Gemstones Sizes:

2×4       2.5×5      3×5       3×6         4×6       4×8          5×7           6×8          7×9        8×10         9×11

Trillion  Shape  Garnet CZ Loose Stones  Sizes:
3×3         4×4            5×5        6×6         7×7           8×8        9×9          10×10          11×11          12×12

Cushion Shape Garnet CZ Loose Stones  Sizes:
5×5             6×6               7×7               8×8        9×9            10×10            11×11          12×12

We can supply good quality and varies of shpaes/sizes at wholesale prices from China Supplier and Manufacturer. Garnet Color CZ(Light Garnet,Middle Garnet, Dark Garnet) Stones(Synthetic Diamond or Russia Cubic Zirconia) is very classical and popular CZ Gemstones with fire and beautiful gemstones. Please contact us to get Free Quote of Garnet Cubic Zirconia via email: Info@czgemstones.com