Wuzhou Cubic Zirconia Stones,Wuzhou loose CZ Gemstones,Wuzhou Synthetic Gemstones Production Base

According to statistics, over 50% of the world's man-made stones (cubic zirconia stones) processing in the Mainland of China, of which about 80% of the distribution and trading through Wuzhou, Wuzhou is currently synthetic stones to reach an annual processing of more than 130 100 million, while the three-year before the output is 6 billion, doubling the output of three years, has accounted for the country of production of artificial gems trading volume of 90% of the world's total output above 80%. Wuzhou has become the world's largest man-made gems processing base of the distribution and trading market for its "artificial gem capital of the world" status in the near future is still no other place can ever replace.

Wuzhou Synthetic Gemstones Production Base
Wuzhou Synthetic Gemstones Manufacturing Base