Wholesale Lab Created Blue Spinel #113 AAA Loose Synthetic Blue Gemstones Wax Casting High temperature Resistance Stones Man Made Spinel In Stock Cheap Price China Manufacturer 

Lab created blue spinel is a new synthetic gemstones and it's safe to wax casting withstand high temperature 1500oC. Lab spinel have a variety of colors like blue spinel, emerald green spinel and black spinel etc. Lab spinel #113 blue(close to color of blue sapphire) is cut to a catalog of shapes and cutting like spinel round, oval, pear,
marquise, heart, emerald, rectangle, trillion, cushion, asscher and tear drop etc. Due to advanced machine and skilled & experienced cutter, we now provide AAA quality at cheap wholesale prices, the output of 10,00,000 pcs monthly and steadily supply ability. If you prefer to the highest quality AAAAA  lab spinel #113 blue stones, it's easily to cut for us. We usually have round shape spinel gemstones in stock like 1.00-3.00 mm, and please know that spinel is good to stone wax casting, metal clay, kiln and torch-fire and the stones are not discolor and burn at all. Synthetic spinel is widely used in earring, pendant, ring and necklace. 

     round lab blue spinel #113          oval lab blue spinel #113        emerald cut blue spinel #113     pear lab blue spinel #113

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Round Sizes:

1.00mm                  1.50mm                  1.75mm           2.00mm                  2.15mm                  2.25mm

2.50mm                  2.65mm                   2.75mm          2.85mm                  3.00mm                  3.50mm

4.00mm                  4.50mm                   5.00mm           5.50mm                  6.00mm                  6.50mm

7.00mm                   7.50mm                  8.00mm           8.50mm                  9.00mm                  10.00mm

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Oval Pear Sizes:

3×5mm           4×6mm                5×7mm              6×8mm         7×9mm           8×10mm         9×11mm               10×12mm       10×14mm      12×16mm         13×18mm            15×20mm

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Square Sizes:

2×2mm          2.5×2.5mm          3×3mm             3.5×3.5mm       4×4mm          5×5mm                6×6mm              7×7mm           8×8mm               9×9mm               10×10mm        11×11mm         12×12mm     13×13mm            14×14mm       15×15mm        16×16mm        17×17mm           18×18mm         19×19mm

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Marquise Sizes:

2×4mm           2.5×5mm             3×6mm             3.5×7mm           4×8mm            5×10mm             6×12mm

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Heart Sizes:

3×3mm         4×4mm                 5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm           8×8mm               9x9mm             10x10mm

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Baguette Sizes:

2×4mm          2.5×5mm              3×5mm             3×6mm         4×6mm          4×8mm                 5×7mm

6×8mm          7×9mm           8×10mm            9×11mm              8×20mm      5×20mm       10×12mm     10×14mm       10×16mm     12×16mm         13×18mm          15×20mm        16×22mm     12×20mm         

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Trillion Sizes:

3×3mm         4×4mm        5×5mm         6×6mm         7×7mm        8×8mm                  9×9mm             10×10mm

Synthetic Blue Spinel #113 Asscher Sizes:

5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm               8×8mm        9×9mm            10×10mm 

If you are looking customized shapes and cutting for blue spinel #113 with safe wax casting heat resistance stone, please contact us!

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