Tapered Baguette Black Cubic Zirconia Loose Wholesale Prices China

Tapered black cubic zirconia is one of side-stones in jewelry making, tapered baguette CZ's are widely set to silver jewelry, gold jewelry or copper jewelry. The tapered banquette cut is very attractive on someone with short fingers and a small hand. Our black tapered cubic zirconia stones are cut by machine and skilled masters, custom sizes order is welcome. If  you have special sizes to cut, please contact us !

tapered baguette black cubic zirconia stones

Below is some regular sizes of black tapered baguette cubic zirconia stones:

1.25x1x0.75mm, 1.5x1x0.75mm, 1.5x1.25x1mm, 1.75x1.25x1mm, 2.25x1.25x1mm, 2.75x1.75x1.25mm

3x1.75x1mm, 3.5x2x1mm, 4x1.25x1mm, 4x1.75x1.25mm, 4.5x2x1mm, 3x2x1.5mm .....

1.75x1.5x1mm,  2x1x0.6mm, 2x1.5x1mm, 2.25x1.25x1mm, 2.5x1.25x0.8mm, 2.5x1.5x0.8mm,2.5x1.75x1.25mm

2.75x1.5x1mm, 2.75x1.5x1.25mm, 2.75x2x1mm, 3x1.5x1mm, 3x1.5x1.25mm,3x2x1mm, 3.25x1.75x1mm,

3.25x2x0.8mm, 3.5x2x1.5mm

Have a Question? or request a price quote of tapered black cubic zirconia at factory price, please contact us !