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What we provide is calibrated cubic zirconia with precision cut and perfect to the jewelry industry, tanzanite is precious and popular natural gems but it's expensive tag. Thanks to technology, now we can produce more cheaper cost to get same spark & brilliance as natural tanzanite, it's taznanite cubic zirconia stone. It's not inclusion and flawless inside. We can cut custom-made shapes as you design. Heart shaped tanzanite color cubic zirconia is widely set to gold jewelry and 925 silver jewelry. If you are looking for tanzanite cubic zirconia stones, please feel free to contact us !

heart cubic zirconia tanzanite

Material: synthetic cubic zirconia rough

Color: tanzanite

Shape: heart

Quality: AAA

Size(mm): 3x3    4x4    5x5    6x6    6.5x6.5    7x7    8x8     9x9      10x10

MOQ: 100pcs

If you are interested in aquamarine color heart shaped cubic zirconia stones, please contact us.